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Sarah Wilson - Austensen
Designer + Illustrator for hire. Former Art Director of New Lab. Clients include; Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Best Made Company, The School of Visual Arts, OXFAM, Hidden Harvest Cannabis, and Audible. I completed my MFA at The School of Visual Arts in the MFA Designer as Author and Entrepreneur program, where I created an all-in-one device for medical Cannabis.  I Started in Toronto, ON, then to Vancouver, BC. currently in Brooklyn, NY. I have a green card. 

Contact: s.austensen@gmail.com

Working / Not Working

Acquiring new skills & constantly learning
Motorcycle. Motorcycle. Motorcycle
See the Northern Lights
Travel to Newfoundland to see iceberg  alley
Beer label - Branding + Packaging
Vinyl Record art work
Work in a studio with a wood shop
Wheel throwing - ceramics  
Create a product go to market
Turn wood - Use lathe
3D Print something functional 

Internet interests 
Primitive Life
The Habitat
Rain Sounds
Song Exploder (Cover art is *hand to mouth air kiss*)