Best Made Co. Seed Sets

The C.C.G.F Seed Set
We’ve put together a collection of seeds that embody our most cherished virtues: Courage, Compassion, Grace and Fortitude. To plant these and care for them as they grow is literally to nurture something optimistic and true. With any luck, you will reap what you sow.

The Healing Herb Seed Set
This collection of 14 herbs beautifully illustrates the way plants can support our health and well-being, whether used topically or consumed for their healing properties and/or deliciousness. Some are annuals that must be replanted every year (though a few may re-seed and reappear); some are hardier perennials that return to the garden every spring like trusted friends.

Best Made Co. Art Director: Gelsey Maslanka
Best Made Co. Product Developer & Buyer: Annie Auchincloss
Photographer: Balarama Heller

If you like you can purchase the C.C.G.F seed set and The Healing Herb Set through the Best Made Co. website.